Research & Development

Tulip Lab Pvt. Ltd. is working towards the new horizon where it can provide various dosage forms that are more patient complaint yet affordable.

The research and development team is constantly eyeing any opportunity for partnering with research centers throughout the globe in an effort to provide low cost solutions for people suffering from various diseases. The team at Tulip believes that knowledge is essential to pharmaceutical manufacturing and is constantly upgrading itself by learning newer technologies, processes and new ideas. Our herbal research focuses on developing, standardized clinically proven and safe herbal products for theapeautic and cosmetic use. They are engaged in various activities that enable us to bring out the most efficacious herbal products.

Some of the activities are:
  • Research on new herbs / existing herb ingredient for better therapeutic usage, dosage form / Novel drug delivery system (NDDS)
  • Spearheading improvements in existing formulations to meet growing regulatory demands
  • Stabilizing existing dosage form based on stability studies as per international guidelines.
  • Development of marker based standardized dosage forms.

DSIR approved laboratory

Divided into

  • Herbal (Capsule, Tablet & Powder)
  • Allopathic (Tablet & Powder)

Equipped with HPLC , HPTLC, Lyophilizers,Evaporaters

Scientific product development

  • Formula finalization from traditional texts
  • In house extraction
  • Fingerprint by HLPC,HPTLC and video documentation
  • Development of RM specifications
  • Validation of analytical method for raw materials and finished products
  • Product development in dedicated pilot plant
  • Finished product stability studies
  • Toxicity studies as per OECD guidelines
  • Clinical studies as per GCP guidelines.

Contract Research

  • Herbal (Capsule, Tablet & Powder)
  • Allopathic (Tablet & Powder)