The Emerging Leader

‘Tulip’ flower,after which the group has been named, is characterized by an interesting feature. ‘Tulip’ flower lives forever without having to be replaced once they are planted.

Tulip Lab Private Ltd. Was founded in the year 2004 in Mumbai,India. Tulip was incorporated with the aim to provide humanity with products to alleviate suffering and create a healthier tomorrow.

Tulip Lab Private Ltd. Is an emerging international health and wellness company in the business of manufacturing and marketing of life saving medicines, herbal products and food supplements.

With emphasis on research, technology and quality,Tulip offers a range of unique products and delivery systems as injectable and oral dosage forms.The company’s strength lies in manufacturing, R & D know-how and marketing.

Driven by a team of scientists, pharmaceutical experts and management professionals, Tulip is powered by combination of vision, R & D capabilities and cutting technology.

The company operates in number of countries through its subsidiaries, representative offices and marketing / distribution network and has a diverse customer profile covering institutions,major corporate hospitals and international aid agencies.


We work for a healthier tomorrow and we aspire to be a globally recognized integrated health and wellness company.

Tulip - the flower - that inspired the company’s name and its logo is a perennial, coming back to bloom year after year without having to be replanted.

Likewise - We envision the creation of herbal/natural health and wellness solutions based on the ageless traditional medicinal knowledge.


Our mission is to help preserve earth’s most precious resource ‘Human Life’. We endeavor to provide affordable healthcare all across the globe - “Care beyond boundaries”

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